About Social Stories

Social stories are helpful tools to prepare for such things as transitions in activities, changes in routines, social interactions, new tasks, or any unfamiliar situation or event. Social stories serve as a visual aid that can describe what to expect, provide a “script” for how to act, and can be customized for any situation. The level of the language in the story can also be adjusted. By using the social story to prepare, the person is likely to be less anxious, more prepared and comfortable.

The Make Friends with Autism Community Social Stories are created to help businesses, families, and individuals become more comfortable with common experiences in the community. They help describe some social rules, expectations, descriptions, order of events, participation, and common responses. These are generic stories. Feel free to create your own for a specific place or event based on the specific needs of the person. A blank template has been provided for this purpose.

Use the link below to print a PDF version of this information to share with others.

For more information about this program contact: KohlsAutismAwareness@childrens-specialized.org

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