Friends Like You Friends Like Me - Reading List (Discover More about Friendship)

A Friend Like Simon
Kate Gaynor; Special Stories Publishing; ISBN 0956175120 Elementary Readers

A is for Autism , F is for Friend: A Kids’ Book for Making Friends with a Child who has Autism Joanna Keating-Velasco; Autism Asperger Publishing Company; ISBN 1931282439; Elementary / Teen Readers

Adam's Alternative Sports Day: An Asperger Story
Jude Welton; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; ISBN 1843103001; Elementary Readers

All About My Brother
Sarah Peralta; Autism Asperger Publishing Company; ISBN 931282110; Young Readers

Amazingly... Alphie! Understanding and Accepting Different Ways of Being
Roz Espin; Autism Asperger Publishing Company; ISBN 1931282536; Young Readers

Andy and His Yellow Frisbee
Mary Thompson; Woodbine House; ISBN 0933149832; Elementary Readers

Are You Alone on Purpose
Nancy Werlin; Speak; ISBN 0142407771; Teen / Young Adult Readers

Autism Acceptance Book: Being a Friend to Someone with Autism
Ellen Sabin; Watering Can Press ISBN 0975986821; Elementary / Teen Readers

Autism Through A Sister’s Eyes: A Young Girl’s View of Her Brother’s Autism
Emily Hecht; Future Horizons; ISBN 1885477716; Elementary Readers

Autistic Planet
Jennifer Elder; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; ISBN 1843108429; Elementary Readers

Can I Play, Too?
Mo Willems; Hyperion Book CH; ISBN 1423119916; Young / Elementary Readers

Can I tell you about Asperger’s Syndrome?: A guide for friends and family
Jude Welton; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; ISBN 1843102064; Elementary Readers

The Crayon Box That Talked (can be used to support appreciation of differences)
Shane Derolf; Random House Books for Young Readers; ISBN 679886117; Young Readers

Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes
Jennifer Elder; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; ISBN 1843108151; Elementary Readers

Do You Understand Me?
Sofie Koborg Brsen; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; ISBN 1843104644; Teen Readers

The Friendship Puzzle
Julie L. Coe; Larstan Publishing; ISBN 097891824X; Elementary Readers

Kathy Hoopman; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; ISBN 184310072X; Teen / Young Adult Readers

I Am Utterly Unique: Celebrating the Strengths of Children with Asperger Syndrome and High- Functioning Autism
Elaine Marie Larson; Autism Asperger Publishing Company; ISBN 931282897; Young Readers

Ian’s Walk: A Story About Autism
Laurie Lears and Karen Ritz; Albert Whitman & Company; ISBN 0807534811; Elementary Readers

In His Shoes
Joanna Keating-Velasco; Autism Asperger Publishing Company; ISBN 1934575267; Teen Readers

In Jesse’s Shoes – Appreciating Kids with Special Needs
Beverly Lewis; Bethany House; ISBN 0764203134; Elementary Readers

The Kaleidoscope Kid
Elaine Marie Larson; Autism Asperger Publishing Company; ISBN 1931282412; Elementary Readers

Knowing Joseph
Judith Mammay; Blooming Tree Press; ISBN 1933831057; Elementary Readers

Let’s Talk About It: Extraordinary Friends (all disabilities)
Fred Rogers; Putnam Juvenile; ISBN 0698118618; Elementary Readers

Looking after Louis
Lesley Ely; Albert Whitman & Company ISBN; 0807547468; Elementary Readers

My Brother Sammy
Becky Edwards; Bloomsbury Publishing PLC; ISBN 0747546541; Elementary Readers

My Friend Has Autism
Amanda Doering Tourville; Picture Window Books; ISBN 1404861092; Elementary Readers

Playing by the Rules: A Story about Autism
Dena Fox Luchsinger; Woodbine House; ISBN 1890627836; Elementary Readers

Cynthia Lord; Scholastic Paperbacks; ISBN 0439443830; Elementary / Teen Readers

Russell is Extra Special: A book about Autism for Children
Charles A. Amenta, III; Magination Press; ISBN 0945354444; Elementary Readers

Sneetches are Sneetches – Learn about Same and Different
(Can be used to teach young children how to accept children with disabilities)
Linda Hayward; Random House books for Young Readers; ISBN 0679868410; Young Readers

Some Kids Have Autism (Understanding Differences)
Martha E. H. Rustad; Capstone Press; ISBN 1429617721; Elementary Readers

Sometimes My Brother: Helping Kids understand autism through a sibling’s eyes
Angie Healy; Future Horizons; ISBN 1932565310; Elementary Readers

Susan Laughs
Jeanne Willis; Henry Holt and Co.; ISBN 0805065016; Elementary Readers

This is Asperger Syndrome
Elisa Ganon; Autism Asperger Publishing Company; ISBN 0967251419; Elementary / Teen Readers

Trevor, Trevor
DianeTwachtman-Cullen, Ph.D.; Starfish Specialty; ISBN 0966652908; Elementary Readers

Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome
Clarabelle van Niekerk; Skeezel Press; ISBN 0974721719; Young Readers

Views from our Shoes: Growing up with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs
Donald J. Meyer; Woodbine House; ISBN 0933149980; Elementary / Teen Readers

Waiting For Benjamin: A Story about Autism
Alexandra Jessup Altman; Albert Whitman; ISBN 0807573647; Elementary Readers

The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism and Asperger's
Temple Grandin; Future Horizons; ISBN 1932565728; Teen / Young Adult Readers

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