Bravery Hearts Bead Program

Bravery HeartsWe proudly participate in the national Bravery Hearts Bead Program in memory of our patient Marguerite Lomba. This unique program allows our patients to collect beads to form a necklace that documents and honors their cancer experience, enabling them to tell their story in a tangible, visual way. The necklace becomes a precious keepsake that is viewed as a medal or badge of courage for patients and their families.

There is simply no easy way to describe the symbolic nature and power of the Bravery Hearts Bead program.

undefinedWhen a child begins their difficult journey with cancer, they are given a necklace with their name on it. As they undergo difficult treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, they receive special plastic or wooden beads, called Bravery Heart Beads, to commemorate. For example, if they receive chemotherapy, they are awarded a multi-colored bead. If they have a lumbar puncture, they get a fuchsia bead. The children wear their beads proudly as necklaces or wristbands, or attached to toys, IV poles, and sometimes parents.

Bead ProgramOur Bravery Beads program is supported by private donations and also through a partnership with the national Bravery Hearts organization. A portion of the proceeds from purchases made on the Bravery Hearts website can be designated for our program by simply selecting Newark Beth Israel in the “donate proceeds to” box. For more information about our program, contact the Child Life Department at 973-926-7198.

Click here to view the bead legend (1.40 MB PDF) and learn more about the meaning of each bead.

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