Our Mission

The spirit that infuses Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children's Hospital of New Jersey is its commitment to excellence. Our mission is to achieve this excellence through:

  • The delivery of primary health care to all who need our service.
  • The provision of health care to patients drawn to the medical center because of specialty capabilities.
  • Meeting the undergraduate, graduate and continuing educational needs of health care professionals.
  • Education of those entering health care professions.
  • Physicians and staff, dedicated to compassionate care and healing, who enhance skills through education and research.
  • The delivery of safe, clinically appropriate care in an environment focused on improving patient safety through a proactive approach.
  • Interacting with the highest integrity and commitment to regulatory compliance.

Our Vision for the Twenty First Century

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children's Hospital of New Jersey will be the health care delivery system of choice, which provides outcomes demonstrating the highest standards of clinical practice and customer satisfaction.

Tobacco & Smoke Free Campus

The hospital campus is tobacco and smoke free. This means that smoking and the use of all tobacco products are prohibited inside all buildings and anywhere on the grounds throughout the campus. Smoking is one of the top four causes of death. By maintaining a tobacco and smoke-free environment, we are discouraging the use of tobacco products, eliminating secondhand smoke in our environment.

As a patient, you can receive nicotine replacement therapy with a prescription from your physician. Please be sure to speak to your nurse or doctor for more information.

Patient Stories

  • “It was the working together of many different teams, all working in synchrony, that saved the life and saved the leg of this 12-year-old girl."

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  • Everyone I encountered during all my experiences at NBI were genuine and encouraging. I want everyone to know that serious health issues like I had are not the end of the world. We have a team of awesome doctors here to help us.

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  • “With the heart transplant at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, they opened up a new life for me. Now I feel normal, and that makes me feel that I can do anything.”

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Patient Stories

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