Please view our Flu Visitation Guidelines before you visit.

Program Overview

Initial Individual VisitHealthy Me Overview and Steps

During your first visit to the clinic, you will meet with the members of the Healthy ME team to:

  • Review your medical and personal history
  • Evaluate your readiness and motivation for the program
  • Review what to expect from the program
  • Collect baseline information about your health through forms and measurements
  • Set initial lifestyle change goals

Group Sessions

After your initial visit, you will attend three group sessions. Group sessions will:

  • Build a foundation for future individual goals
  • Offer important nutrition education
  • Provide strategies for dealing with challenges
  • Serve as an opportunity to meet other families working on similar lifestyle changes

Individual Follow-Up Appointments

Once you have completed 3 group sessions, you will transition into individual appointments with the Healthy ME team. During these appointments, we will:

  • Monitor comorbidities
  • Track your progress on previous goals
  • Set new goals
  • Address challenges that may arise
  • Offer education and resources to support your individual goals