Welcome Back: Saint Barnabas Medical Center


Stephen P. Zieniewicz, President and CEO, Saint Barnabas Medical Center

Hello, I’m Steve Zieniewicz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Welcome back. Now that we are well past the peak of the COVID-19 curve in New Jersey, Saint Barnabas Medical Center is ready to move forward and ready to receive you for you for your health care needs. We are in conformance and adherence to all of public health guidelines and regulatory policies.

Over the past couple of months, you may have delayed some of your health care needs, such as mammograms, special procedures, or elective surgeries. Please know, Saint Barnabas Medical Center – safety is our number one priority.

Some examples of the processes that we have in place for your safety include – at all of our entrances – at the hospital, as well as in the ambulatory care center – we have a medical screening that occurs. Our health care team will greet you, ask you a few, very brief medical questions, do a temperature screening, and provide you a mask if you need one. And we ask you that you wear that mask while you’re in our facilities.

Other things that we have in place, that we’ve always have in place is excellent hand hygiene and disinfecting all of our surfaces. Social distancing or physical distancing is very, very important also. When you enter into our facilities, you will see that in the lobby and in the reception and waiting areas, the seats are thoughtfully and appropriately placed a distance to create that safe healthcare environment.

We have testing available for those coming in for their elective procedures; so that we know their status and that we continue to create that very safe environment.

A special thank you to all of our employees, our health care workers, our health care heroes, for your tireless dedication during this very challenging time in providing the compassionate care for our patients.

Finally, we want to thank all of you for your support, the community support for our healthcare workers. Through the safety, and the partnering in safety with you and our team, we have discharged over 750 patients that came in with COVID, and now are healthy back in our communities.

We want to thank you, we need to continue to partner for that safety, and welcome back once again, we are ready to deliver your healthcare needs.