RWJBarnabas Health Announces Waiver Of Co-Pays, Deductibles And Additional Eligible Patient Care Balances For Furloughed Employees And Their Dependents

West Orange, NJ, Monday, January 21, 2019 --Today, Jack Morris, Board of Trustees Chair, and Barry H. Ostrowsky, President and CEO of RWJBarnabas Health, announced that the health system would waive co-pays, deductibles and additional eligible patient care balances for furloughed federal employees and their dependents at all system hospitals, ambulatory facilities and owned physician practices.

This action is effective immediately and applies to all inpatient, outpatient, emergency and ambulatory-based care provided by RWJBarnabas Health, New Jersey’s largest academic health system. The waiver will be discontinued upon federal employees returning to their pre-shutdown employment status.

“We recognize the financial hardship being experienced by these families, because they are our neighbors and friends – they live in the communities we serve each day,” said Mr. Morris. Mr. Ostrowsky added, “We are an organization that is committed to not just delivering health care, but improving the health of those we serve. Affordability is a key factor in whether families can access care, and we believe that our action today can help alleviate some of the pressures these furloughed federal workers are currently facing.”

In addition to waiving payments due for care provided during the current government shutdown, any payments that these same workers may be obligated to make to the health system on past visits will be deferred until their wages are reinstated. The waiver has been made available to all federal employees and dependents who provide proof of federal employment upon receiving a bill.