New Anti-Gravity Treadmill Offered for Physical Therapy Patients in Millburn, NJ

Saint Barnabas Medical Center’s Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation Center in Millburn, NJ, introduces a new Anti-Gravity Treadmill® by AlterG®. This air-based method for reducing ground reaction helps patients recover from orthopedic surgery or injury and neurological conditions, as well as build strength and endurance with less risk of injury.

“This piece of equipment eliminates weight bearing restrictions and enables patients to progress though rehab in a safe and effective manner,” says Tim Mahoney, PT, DPT, Supervisor, Saint Barnabas Medical Center Rehabilitation at Millburn.

Benefits to using Anti-Gravity Treadmill technology include unprecedented therapy and training capabilities without the concern of weight bearing restrictions. A pressurized “anti-gravity” chamber gently adjusts body weight from 100 percent to as little as 20 percent with unparalleled precision.

“The Anti-Gravity Treadmill takes away the force of gravity, reducing barriers to mobility for post-operative rehab patients without worrying about damaging the surgical repair,” says Mr. Mahoney. “The Anti-Gravity Treadmill integrates gait analytics, making it easy to work on improvements in real time.”

The Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at Saint Barnabas Medical Center focuses on orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. This new technology will empower patients to move pain-free again and support motor learning in a fall-safe environment.

“We are continuing to grow as an organization, and are excited to offer a new technology that meets the specific needs of our patients,” says Stephen P. Zieniewicz, FACHE, President and CEO, Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

Saint Barnabas Medical Center’s Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation Center in Millburn, NJ, is located at 120 Millburn Avenue, Suite 206. You do not need a prescription to access physical therapy services at our facilities. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 973.921.0480 or visit