RWJBarnabas Health: Paving the Trail for Women in Health Care

March is Women’s History Month, and RWJBarnabas Health celebrates all the women in our hospitals that help make it one of New Jersey’s leading health care organizations. From revered nurse, Clara Maass who allowed herself to be bitten by an infected mosquito during the yellow fever experiments in 1901 – to the current organization’s female executives who shape us into New Jersey’s largest integrated health care delivery system–we are grateful for each and every woman who has made a difference to RWJBarnabas Health.

International Women’s Day (March 8) marked a special day for us as we joined the campaign; #Internationalwomensday to bring awareness of gender inclusivity to everyone. We believe that if more communities inspire the public to be more open-minded, then the encouragement will continue to grow.

Within our organization, we have created a trailblazing path for women from award-winning female executives to nationally recognized physicians. We are proud to support and encourage them for their innovating endeavors to the institution. Their achievements support RWJBarnabas Health’s recognition to female leadership which showcases our long-term success.

Our continued advancement for women is – and will be – ongoing, but it’s refreshing to know that all the women that make up RWJBarnabas Health are recognized for the high-quality service our organization delivers daily.