Go Further With Food During National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and the 2018 theme is “Go Further with Food,” which can be applied to many situations in your life – whether it’s making time for breakfast or fueling for a marathon or sporting event.

Changing your behavior and mindset is the only sure fire way to achieve your health and weight loss goals. Experts say it takes 30 days of practicing a new habit to make it stick. Here are some nutrition goals to consider trying out for 30 days for better health and well-being:

  • To reward good behavior or celebrate big moments, try to come up with non-food rewards. Instead of celebrating with pizza, reward yourself with an activity you love.
  • Make breakfast a priority – never skip it.
  • Focus on your health, not your weight. Feeling good will is more powerful than looking good, so notice how your mind and body work better once you start prioritizing your health.
  • Make food fun. Whether it’s trying to cook a new, ethnic dish every week or taking the time to make your own zoodles, have fun with it.
  • Commit to cracking down on added sugars – omit sugary beverages from your diet. Ditch the fancy coffee drinks that are provide excess calories and no nutritional value.
  • Try to mimic MyPlate for your meals, which will assure you’re getting a proper balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats.
  • Create a grocery list before you go to the grocery store – and stick to it!
  • Be mindful of what you’re ordering when you order takeout. Opt for steamed or baked foods, rather than fried. Order sauces or dressings on the side.
  • Drink more water!
  • Stop buying protein supplements. Odds are that you’re consuming enough protein to meet your needs without those expensive supplements. If you’re not sure, make an appointment with a registered dietitian.
  • Keep healthy frozen foods, such as berries and spinach, and canned foods such as beans and lentils, in your refrigerator and pantry for days you can’t get to the grocery store.
  • Meal prep! Meal prepping will help you go further with food than you could have imagined. Pack healthy lunches for the week, and prepare serving sizes of snacks in advance, such as nuts, berries, fruit and more.