Give Your Workspace a Makeover for Your Health

Sitting at a desk does not have to mean sore muscles. Proper positioning, spacing, and posture can help you stay comfortable and safe. For many of us, we are sitting for about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week – and that's just at work!

That's why it's time for a desk makeover to optimize your body's functioning during the work week.

  • Sit comfortably in your chair. Your feet should rest flat, and thighs parallel to the floor. Your arms should rest gently on the arm rests, with your shoulders relaxed
  • Keep objects you use frequently close to your body to keep reaching to a minimum
  • Your mouse should be on the same surface as your keyboard, and within easy reach. Alternate which hand you use the mouse by placing it on the other side of your keyboard
  • When typing, your wrists should be straight, upper arms close to your body and your hands at or slightly below the level of your elbows
  • When talking on the phone, consider using speaker or a headset to avoid cradling.
  • Your monitor should be directly in from of you, behind your keyboard, roughly arm’s length away, and with the top of the screen at or below eye level.
  • Desk level should have enough clearance for your knees, thighs and feet. If the desk is too high, consider raising your chair.

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