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Keurig Surprises New Moms at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital on Mother's Day with Special Gifts

New moms at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s maternity ward celebrated Mother’s Day with a special gift courtesy of Keurig. They will not only be bringing home their new addition, but they received a congratulatory Keurig Special Edition brewing system to help these families prepare for late nights and early mornings ahead with their new babies.

“On Mother’s Day, some of our patients welcomed first-time babies as well as new siblings, and we thank Keurig for making this day extra special for them,” said Brian D. Agnew, Senior Vice President for Development at RWJUH. He helped to deliver the new brewers to patients alongside our Labor & Delivery staff.

Since 1998, Keurig has revolutionized the way people consume beverages, offering consumers high-quality coffees, teas, iced beverages and specialty drinks at the touch of a button.