Family Faculty, Here For You

The Children's Specialized Hospital Family Faculty is here to help parents whose children are being treated at one of our facilities.

Family Faculty are parents and family members whose children have received or are still receiving services at Children's Specialized Hospital. Their own day-to-day experiences provide a unique perspective, understanding, and empathy for families going through similar situations. Parents and caregivers are invited to contact Family Faculty with questions, concerns, or if they're just looking for some advice. 

Here are some reasons that our Family Faculty members do what they do for parents just like you:

Sharon Clarken – Being a member of the Family Faculty gives me the opportunity to help our families not only navigate the hospital wide system, but to help them becomes advocates of their children in the community as well.  What they learn from us will give them the tools to use for a lifetime.

Luciana Mendes-McGuire  - I remember how difficult it was when we first came to Children’s Specialized.  I love to be able to help our inpatient families.  Let them know that they are not alone and they have support.  Be able to help them get ready for their discharge, allowing them to share their fears, and helping them to see that they can do it.  I also love to be able to help our families that do not speak English.  It is hard enough to be in a hospital with your child, but not be able to communicate with the doctors and nurses can be very frustrating for parents.  I help them understand that they can still advocate for their child, and I share all the resources that we have.  Finally, it is a pleasure to work with the staff that helped me during the hardest time of my life.  We work together to provide the best care for our families. 

Jessica Krill - Being a member of Family Faculty allows me to help and inspire other families like mine.  I can give families the strength to know that even though this journey is challenging we can never lose hope.  It is meaningful to me to help others who are in the same position I once was in and will continue to be traveling forward.

Deidre Caruso - I feel like I am able to give back for all Children’s Specialized Hospital has done for my family.  I educate the community to let them know of the wonderful work that is done at CSH.  I can empower families to advocate for their children.  I work with staff educating them of the struggles families go through so they can understand better.

Josanne Pearsall - Being a member of Family Faculty means I can honor my daughter’s life.  My long term care family perspective gives our families someone they can talk to that has walked in their shoes.  I am able to help them communicate their needs to our staff but even more importantly I am there to listen and validate their feelings.  I also provide the LTC staff a family perspective on how to communicate with families to ensure they feel comfortable with their child’s care.

Kathy Garriques - Being part of Family Faculty means being in a position to potentially and hopefully help ease families’ stress during their child's inpatient stay.  I offer my experiences from living at CSH, New Brunswick for 6 weeks and to provide support for what the families may need.

Nancy Panarese - Being the grandmother of a special needs child and primary care giver after already raising 4 healthy children, Children’s Specialized Hospital helped me to learn how to care for my grandson.  We were not the typical family and CSH helped us to look into the future and not be afraid.  I can share this with other families who may not feel typical and the opportunity to support those families makes me feel proud that I can give back. 

Linda Waddell - I appreciate all the hospital has given to repair my family after my daughter suffered a trauma right before birth.  The CSH team of experts taught me how to care for my medically fragile baby.  They gave me the skills and confidence to be her mom. Together we focused on how to help my daughter be the best she can be one day at a time. Children’s Specialized Hospital became my second home like so many families.  So when the opportunity presented itself to become a member of Family Faculty it just made sense.  I was motivated by two things… one, to give back to the hospital and staff that helped my family so much during the most difficult time and two, support families going through similar circumstances because I will never forgot how I felt coming here for the first time.  It is frightening coming to a specialized hospital to seek help for your child, no matter what the diagnosis, so being able to connect with families to support them through all I have learned couldn’t be more rewarding.  There is an instant connection once I share with a family I understand, I am just like them.

You can learn more about Family Faculty by visiting their page on our website.