It’s Flu Season.

Please view our Flu Visitation Guidelines before you visit.

Seize Control of Drug Reps Visits

Managing pharmaceutical sales rep visits can consume hours of time. Multiple daily solicitations make it hard to stay on schedule. Physician office administrators can control drug rep visits and eliminate lost productivity.

  • Work with the physician to determine which reps are important to the practice and which are irrelevant and spend time accordingly.
  • Establish a uniform policy for receiving drug reps and be firm. It will take some time to establish an office policy, but it will save hours of staff time throughout the year.
  • Schedule drug rep visits instead of accommodating them when they randomly arrive at the physician’s office. What are the most convenient times during the week for the physician to spend a few minutes with a drug rep?
  • Assign a single staff member to schedule and handle drug rep visits, or consider subscribing to an online service that can schedule drug rep visits according to the physician’s preferences.