It’s Flu Season.

Please view our Flu Visitation Guidelines before you visit.

Keeping Patient Satisfaction High

Every interaction a person has with his/her physician and the office staff leaves a strong impression. Even when everyone involved does his/her best to provide quality compassionate care, sometimes things do not go as planned. Very often, patients’ and family members’ ability to communicate their needs are impacted by medication, stress or misunderstanding. To maintain the valuable trust patients place in their doctor and staff, it is important to address dissatisfaction — whether it be minor or major — as soon as possible.

When problems do arise, be sure that your staff is prepared. Develop a plan for dealing with difficulties and educate the entire staff on the importance of listening, responding with empathy, and apologizing at the first opportunity. Sometimes just acknowledging the problem and accepting responsibility is enough to resolve a situation. In every case, a staff member or supervisor should ask the patient how he or she can make the situation better and then follow through to be sure a resolution was achieved.