It’s Flu Season.

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Administrators Make the Office Work

Practice administrators manage all the business affairs of the medical practice including integrating business systems, managing staff and coordinating billing. The most successful administrators balance their knowledge of the business with leadership and people skills that foster a team mindset.

An open exchange of ideas and an atmosphere of respect can improve communication and enhance everyone’s experience at the office— physicians, staff and patients. These suggestions can improve your power to make decisions and encourage the staff’s best.

  • Leave Your Door Open – Know what is happening around the office everyday; you need all the facts to make good decisions. Stay informed and involved, but be sure not to leave your staff with the impression that you don’t trust them to do their job effectively.
  • Be Responsive – When the doctor has a question, respond promptly. Even if you don’t know the answer yet, let him/her know you are working on it. Give your staff the same consideration when responding to their questions or suggestions.
  • Speak Your Mind – Express your opinion, even if it is contrary to the physician’s. You will earn respect by bringing your expertise and experience to the discussion. If you think a proposal is flawed, suggest allowing time for further research and discussion.
  • Hire the Best – Never rush the hiring process. Do not let the pressure to fill a position push you into a decision you will regret. Always check references and hire the best person for the job.