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Donors Help Grow Nursing Education

Recent philanthropic support is helping to grow programs and resources all over Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH). One such area of growth is nursing simulation training. Thanks to donor support, RWJUH has expanded the resources in our nursing simulation lab, enabling our nurses to integrate and apply new knowledge, skills, critical thinking, and spontaneous problem-solving in an active and “real-time” format. These simulation drills accelerate the processes of mastering critical medical information and refining important psychomotor skills. This is especially true of simulation-based training that involves cooperative and collaborative scenarios. Moreover, because they are simulations, they are safe and non-threatening. The pace of innovation in health care is such that nurses must constantly undertake professional education and training to remain current. In fact, it is estimated that at the present rate, today’s “state-of-the-art” in diagnosis and treatment will be completely replaced at least four times during the next three decades. Funding from donors is helping RWJUH to stay ahead of that pace and train our nurses to provide the best and most relevant care to our patients every day.