Sports Cardiology at RWJBarnabas Health

Americans are participating in exercise activities more than ever before. Athletic patients require unique knowledge and treatment plans that align with the cardiovascular demands of athletic participation and its cardiac adaptations.

Sports Cardiology at RWJBarnabas Health is New Jersey’s most comprehensive, quality-based sports cardiology program -- providing comprehensive cardiac care to active individuals and educating and empowering our local communities to live healthy active lives. The program supports multidisciplinary teamwork among adult and pediatric Cardiology, Sports Medicine, and Athletic Trainers and establishes close ties with the community, local schools, and professional sports teams.

Our Sports Cardiology Team works closely with athletic individuals to meet their unique needs and help them achieve their goals in a safe and effective manner.

What population do we serve?

The program works with athletes of all ages, including: recreational, high school, collegiate, professional, masters, and weekend warriors.

In what manner do we interact with the athletes?

  • Screening/determining sports eligibility
  • Evaluation and treatment of symptomatic athletes
  • Management of preexisting cardiovascular disease
  • Return to play considerations

Sports Cardiology Physician Team

Pediatric Sports Cardiology
  • Donald C. Putman, MD, FACC
    Division Chief, Pediatric Cardiology, Saint Barnabas Medical Center
    Cardiac Screening Director
    Mathew J Morahan III Center for Athletes, Saint Barnabas Medical Center